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Hydraulic Drummed Bitumen Decanter | Bitumen Melting Machine
20s Turning Barrel Into Mixer
Automatically Reverses Oil Barrel
Internal Circulation Function
Automatic Slag Removal
Convenient Relocation
Hydraulic Drummed Bitumen Decanter | Bitumen Melting Machine

The bitumen decanter is designed to extract the solid bitumen by melting method usually from the barrels, bags, and wooden cases. Then the liquid bitumen will work for asphalt mixing equipment and other industrial purposes.

SINOSUN | Bitumen Decanter

BD series Bitumen decanter is our company's key R&D equipment. After continuous experiment and improvement, now we are providing two types of bitumen decanter to customers. One is the direct-heating form of bitumen melting machine, and the equipment is burned through the burner. Diesel or natural gas provides heat for melting and melting of the bitumen; one is to heat and melt the bitumen by heat radiation from the thermal oil in the thermal oil furnace.

Main Features & Advantage:
1.Turning over the barrel and turning the barrel into mixer can be completed in one time, single bitumen decanting process takes less than 20s.
2.The machine automatically reverses the oil barrel instead of manually turning over the oil barrel, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers.
3.The bitumen pump set has an internal circulation function to optimize the heat transfer coefficient and increase the bitumen melting speed.
4.The electrical operating system uses in both manual and automatic ways.
5.Hydraulic cylinder speed can be adjusted according to actual needs.
6.Automatic slag removal: The equipment has automatic slag removal function. The asphalt pipeline system is provided with a filtering device, which can automatically remove the slag of the barreled bitumen through the filtration of the filter.
7.Environmental protection: closed structure, no pollution.
8.Adaptability: It can be customized according to various sizes of asphalt drums.
9.Convenient relocation: The whole machine adopts modular design and compact structure, which is convenient for relocation and quick assembly.
Features Drummed Asphalt Melter Description:Our drummed asphalt melter can decant asphalt out of drums and heating up asphalt.
Sinoroader | Hydraulic Barrel Tumbling System
This system consists of a platform, a barrel arm and a hydraulic power units. 
Use a forklift to place the over-opened oil barrel on the platform. The barrel arm is hydraulically driven to descend the mechanical collision platform, the platform is turned over, and the oil barrel falls onto the barrel arm. The hydraulically driven barrel arm pushes the bucket up to the machine body.
The hydraulic pumping station uses a motor-driven hydraulic pump to provide power to the equipment.
Sinoroader | Barrel-melting Body
In order to ensure the heat-dissipation efficiency and prevent heat loss,the device is completely insulated with 100 mm rock wool.
The inside of the equipment is divided into upper and lower rooms. The upper room is for heating the bitumen barrel. The upper chamber temperature is kept at about 70 degrees.The bitumen in the barrel is softened by heat and flows out to the lower chamber of the equipment. The melted bitumen continues to be heated in the lower chamber to pumping temperature (120℃).
Sinoroader | Bitumen Heating system
In the hot oil heating bitumen decanter ,all the heating of the bitumen is done by thermal oil; the equipment with the burner, the heating of the bitumen barrel is completed by the thermal oil, and the heating of the melted bitumen is through the hot steam generated by the burner. 
Sinoroader | Pump Set and Asphalt Piping System
The asphalt pump set adopts a screw pump, and cooperates with the heat preservation three-way valve to complete the pumping and internal circulation functions. In the asphalt pipeline system, a filtering device is provided to automatically remove the barreled asphalt slag. The burner heating device is equipped with a heat-conducting oil pump to accelerate the heat-conducting oil circulation and accelerate the heat exchange rate between the heat-conducting oil on the upper part of the equipment and the asphalt drum.
Sinoroader | Electrical Control System

The electrical operating system adopts manual and automatic methods. You can switch freely according to your needs

Drummed Asphalt Melter Manufacturers and Suppliers
Professional manufacturer and supplier of multifunctional drummed asphalt melter.

Model BD-40E BD-36D
Productivityt/h 8-10 6-8
Quantity of Asphalt Buckets 20×2 18×2
Asphalt Pool Capacity 17 15
Bucket Way Hydraulic
Heating Method Thermal Oil Burner
PowerKw 18.5 25
Dimensionsmm 10500*2250*2450 1000*2250*2450

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are the main components of bitumen drum decanter?

2020-04-07 17:27
A Bitumen drum decanter is mainly composed of a drum decanting body, a platform for placing a drum, an integrated device for turning a barrel into , a heating oil heating system and an electrical control system.

Q What are the advantages of bitumen decanter?

2020-03-24 16:20
A Bitumen decanter is aimed at urgent problems such as slow asphalt heating speed, high energy consumption, easy aging, and heavy pollution during road construction. Based on the requirements of users, the traditional design process has been changed, and asphalt storage containers have been adopted. Relatively closed the high-temperature area, the high-temperature part of the thermal storage active insulation, highly concentrated and tiered utilization of thermal energy and improve thermal efficiency and other measures.

Q How long is the warranty period?

2020-03-17 17:29
A 18 months.

Q Am a manager of an asphalt mixing plant Currently main challenge is bitumen drum decantation We are using gas to heat the drums but am looking for a safer more economical way of doing it

2020-03-06 09:25
A we are providing two types of bitumen decanter to customers. One is the direct-heating form of bitumen melting machine, and the equipment is burned through the burner. Diesel or natural gas provides heat for melting and melting of the bitumen; one is to heat and melt the bitumen by heat radiation from the thermal oil in the thermal oil furnace.

Q How long is the warranty time?

2020-02-29 10:43
A 15 months warranty time

Q Is the bitumen decanter continuous or intermittent?

2020-02-28 10:43
A Our equipment is continuous from the side of the barrel, and then from the other side of the asphalt barrel.

Q Can this machine be loaded into container?

2020-02-25 10:14
A Yes, a 40HQ container is fine for shipment.

Q What kinds of asphalt mixing plant do you have?

2020-02-24 16:21
A We have different types of asphalt mixing plant from 60-400T/H.

Q Does the bitumen decanter need to be equipped with a hot oil boiler?

2020-01-06 11:08
A BD-40H needs to be used with a heat transfer oil boiler, while the BD-36D is a self-contained burner heating system which does not require a heat transfer oil boiler.

Q How many models are there for bitumen decanter?

2019-12-25 10:03
A We have BD-36D (6-8tph) and BD-40H (8-10tph) models.

Q Does the bitumen drum need to be manually flipped?

2019-12-05 09:18
A Our bitumen decanter is equipped with a hydraulic flip structure,so do not require manual turning.

Q How many drums of bitumen can the equipment accommodate?

2019-11-28 09:35
A There are two different types of equipment that can accommodate 36 drums of bitumen and 40 drums of bitumen.

Q How many models are there for bitumen decanter?

2019-11-25 17:14
A We have BD-36D (6-8tph) and BD-40H (8-10tph) models.

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