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DHB Drum Mix Asphalt Plant | Drum Mix Asphalt Plant Supplier


Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant
Two-pump asphalt mater
Portable Drum Mix Unit
Low Maintenance costs
Quick installation
DHB Drum Mix Asphalt Plant | Drum Mix Asphalt Plant Supplier

Asphalt drum mix plant is one type of asphalt plant that produces hot mix asphalt in a continuous process. Continuous asphalt mixing plant is low on running cost, maintenance and high on production. With strong agitation performance and quick installation, it is suitable for projects such as highways that require mobile work.

SINOSUN drum mix asphalt plant is composed of portable drum mix unit(with integral aggregate system, drum mix unit, knock-out box and wet scrubber), drag conveyor with hopper, bitumen tank and control house. We offer top quality components to our customers with a proven and trusted design which will give maximum up time of the machine. 
SINOSUN offer drum mix asphalt plant for sale in the capacities of 40 tph to 120 tph. These plants are ideal for those contractors who want to go for high volumes of asphalt production without frequently shifting from one place to another. We offer full package to road contractors for complete peace of mind and we want them to concentrate on their core business without worrying about the equipment. 
Sinoroader | Cold Feed
Because of the modular and ready-to-launch design, set up of the cold feed bins can be accomplished with less spent of time and money.Sinoroader cold feed bins are specially designed with step walls and a self-relieving bottom to realize smooth material flow.

Sinoroader | Dryer Drum

It Adopts four sets of famous powerful direct-connected gear motors to drive the drying drum. Well calculated and carefully heat treated drying drum, world class bearings have long service life and stable performance

Sinoroader | Burner                                                  
The Sinoroader burner uses advanced technology to burn sufficiently and cleanly. Sinoroader Burner provides the best performance and efficiency. The performance and delivery will be guaranteed by pre-testing and wiring. It’s available in varieties of fuel firing combinations.

Sinoroader | Hot Elevator
The hot elevator is used for feeding dry aggregate to screens.The housing is fully-enclosed and dust-proof, which can protect the integrity of the dried aggregate. The steel buckets with reinforced edge are set to convey the aggregate.The chain of it is wear-resistant, so it can prolong service life. Meanwhile, the split sprockets can reduce the time and effort spent on maintenance.
Sinoroader | Dust Collecting System
The dust collecting system has two collecting levels, cyclone dust filter and water dust collector. The purified air flies up and gets discharged from the chimney, while the dust mud sinks in the sedimentation basin thanks to the gravity.

Sinoroader | Control System
We adopt fully automatic control system, reliable and convenient to operate. The visual feedback for all mixing processes of the entire batch tower will be displayed on the main batch screen. All plant controls are mounted on a centralized panel inside the control house. All of the plant’s motors and switches are pre-wired and factory-tested. Quick-plug connectors aid in rapid plant setup.     
Sinoroader | Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Process: 
Asphalt drum mix plant process starts with the feeding of cold aggregates into feed bins. The equipment is usually equipped with three or four bin feeders (or more) and aggregates are loaded into different bins as per their sizes. This is done so that different sized aggregates can be graded as per the requirement. Each bin is provided with separate adjustable gates for controlling the flow of material. There is a long conveyor belt below the bins which takes the aggregates to the scalping screen.
The next part is the screening process. Here is a single deck vibrating screen which removes the oversized aggregates thus preventing them from entering the drum.Charging conveyor plays an important role in the asphalt plant process because it not only transfers the cold aggregates from below the screen to the drum but also does the weighing of the aggregates. This conveyor is equipped with a load cell which continuously weighs the aggregates and sends signal to the control panel.
Drying and mixing drum is responsible for two operations first drying and then mixing. This drum is continuously rotating and in the course of the rotation, aggregates are transferred from one end to the other. The aggregates are treated to heat by the burner flame to reduce the moisture content in the aggregates. When we talk about the process in a parallel flow plant, the aggregates move away from the burner flame and in the counter flow plant, the aggregates move towards the burner flame. On the other end of the drum, the heated aggregates are mixed with bitumen and minerals. The drum plays an important role in the drum mix plant process.
Fuel tank for drying drum burner stores and provides fuel to the drum burner. Apart from that, the critical component includes asphalt storage tanks which store, heat and also pump required asphalt to the drying drum for mixing with the hot aggregates. Filler silos are for addition for optional filler / binder material into the mixer.Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant.Asphalt Mix Plant Manufacture,Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant.

Pollution control devices play an important part in the process. They help to eliminate the harmful gases that may have escaped the environment. Primary dust collector is a dry dust collector and it works in sync with secondary dust collector which can be a bag filter or a wet dust scrubber.

Load out conveyor collects the ready hot mix asphalt from below the drum and takes it to the waiting truck or into the storage silo. Optional storage silo stores the HMA till the truck arrives.

Control panel with today’s machines comes with modern and sophisticated controls. They allow storage of different mix recipes as per customer’s demand. Plant can be controlled from a single place from the control panel.

Reasons to Buy Sinoroader Asphalt Plant:

1. This equipment includes a special two-pump asphalt mater for high precision and accuracy.

2. It features the largest knock-out box in this class, returning more fines to your mix.

3. An internal auger in the knock-out box continually feeds captured fines to the mix.

4. The drag conveyor features an integral hopper that serves as a surge bin for loadout.

5. Heavy-duty flights inside the drum properly veil aggregate through the burner flame.

6. Counter flow mixer is better for fuel saving and also offers better HMA compared to parallel flow mixer.

7. Plant controls are centralized on a control panel located in the control house.

Model D40 D60
Main Parameter Rated Capacity (t/h) 40 60
Installation Power 80kW 120kW
Working Noise (dB) ≤70
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable)
Raw Material Aggregate Size (mm) ≤25
Aggregate Gravity (kg/m3) ≥1600
Aggregate Moisture ≤5%
Cold Feeder Cold Bin (m3) 4m³×3 4m³×4
Feeding Belt Adjustment Mode Variable Frequency Drive
Weighing System Method Belt Weigher
Accuracy ±1%
Drying System Mixing Type Continuous
Drying & Mixing Drum (mm) Φ1200X5200 Φ1500X6500
Fuel Diesel, Heavy Oil, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, Coal
Burner consumption Coal 10~13kg/h
Oil 6~7kg/t
Gas 6~7kg/t
Hot Aggregate Temperature ≤160℃
Hot Asphalt Temperature 130~165℃ (±5℃)
Dust Collection System Avail. Type Cylone Collector/Volute Casing Collector, Baghouse Dust Collector/Water Scrubber
Air Emissions ≤100mg/Nm3
Bitumen Supply System Bitumen Tank (m3) 1x30 1x30
Heating Method Electrical Heating/Thermal Oil Heating
Weighing Method Flow Weigher
Weighing Accuracy ±0.5%
Control System Operation Mode Full Auto/Manual
Covering Area L x W (m) 30x16 33x20

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the cost in naira

2020-08-11 00:31
A Yea,our professional sale manager will service for you again.Thank you for your questions.

Q Is the noise loud while working?

2020-05-14 17:44
A Good day,In order to reduce noise, we stabilize the machinery fixed chassis.

Q What is a hot mix asphalt plant?

2020-03-25 17:01
A Hot mix asphalt is used primarily as paving material and consists of a mixture of aggregate and liquid asphalt cement, which are heated and mixed in measured quantities. ... In a drum mix plant, a rotary dryer serves to dry the aggregate and mix it with the liquid asphalt cement.

Q How about malfunction?

2020-03-19 15:50
A Our technician will make a professional solution with picture for customer, which shows how to operate step by step. If the spare part breaks we will replace it for customer with kind of charge or without charge.

Q How about the spare parts supply of your company?

2020-03-05 13:15
A We will provide some wearing parts along with whole asphalt mixing plant to user freely, and user can purchase more wearing parts along with whole asphalt mixing plant. We will keep the spare parts supply to user in the whole service life of asphalt mixing plant.

Q How long is the service life of your asphalt mixing plant ?

2020-03-04 13:35
A Normally, the service life of our batch asphalt mixing plant is over 15 years, and our continuous (drum) asphalt mixing plant is over 10 years.

Q How Much is the asphalt drum mix plant? and how much will it cost to transport it to South Africa?

2020-03-02 09:48
A Dear, we need to confirm which capacity do you need? then we can send you the offer.

Q How long is the production period of the asphalt plant?

2020-02-11 16:03
A The production period is about 50 working days.

Q What type of fuel for the burner?

2020-01-20 10:10
A It can be equipped with coal burner, oil burner, gas burners or oil and gas burners.

Q Are you responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment?

2020-01-19 14:11
A We will send professional engineers to guide the installation and commissioning.

Q Are you responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment?

2019-11-27 10:11
A We will send professional engineers to guide the installation and commissioning.

Q Can filler be added into the mixer of drum mix asphalt plant?

2019-11-21 16:46
A The mixing process of drum mix asphalt plant is completed inside the dryer drum, so the filler can’t be added into.

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