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Bitumen Pump
Use of widely
High Efficiency
Longer service Life
Lower Vibration
lower Noise
Bitumen Pump

Three-Screw Pump of asphalt mixing plant is a positive displacement pump,and has the remarkable advantages such as simple structure,small volume,being allowed to rotate at high speed,stability and high efficiency,etc.
By using the principle of screw meshing and relying on the mutual meshing of rotating screws in pump block,the three-screw pump of asphalt mixing plant sucks the medium conveyed and seals it in the meshing cavity,then pushes it to the discharge port along the axial direction of screws at uniform speed,and forms stable pressure at the discharge port.
Three-Screw pump of asphalt mixing plant is only applicable to conveying lubricating fluids not containing solid particles at normal temperature.It may be used as a common delivery pump,and a pressure supply pump in hydraulic drive device.
The 3QGB series heat-preservation high-viscosity three-screw pumps developed by the company after many years of research optimize the cooperation between screw and pump block,and between driving screw and driven screw based on three-screw pump,in order to realize the delivery on high-temperature and high-viscosity media.
The 3QGB series heat-preservation high-viscosity three-screw pumps are mainly used to convey high-viscosity lubricating fluids.They are usually used as the delivery pumps of asphalt,heavy fuel oil,heavy gear oil and heavy diesel fuel.Inside the pumps,heat preservation chamber and channel are set us,gas or liquid could be used as heat carrier,and their maximum working temperature is equal to or lower than 350°C.High viscosity reduction,and the conveying viscosity is generally 3.0~760mm2.


Pump size Flowrate MPa Pressure Mpa  Rotate speed r/min Power KW NPSHR m Motor size
m³/h 1/min Shaft power Motor power
60X2-43 8.6 143.4 0.6 950 2.06 3 5 132S6B3
8.27 137.9 1 3.18 4 132M1-6-B3
13.1 218.9 0.6 1450 3.15 4 112M-4-B3
12.6 210.5 1 4.86 7.5 132M-4-B3
60x2-46 9.89 164.8 0.6 950 2.33 3 5 132S-6-B3
9.73 162.2 0.8 2.91 4 132M1-6B3
9.56 159.4 1 3.61 5.5 132M2-6B3
15.1 251.6 0.6 1450 3.56 5.5 132S-4-B3
14.6 243.3 1 5.51 7 5 132M-4-B3

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