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CLB Containerised Asphalt Plant | Environmental Asphalt Mix Plant


Modular Design
Compact Structure
Minimal Civil Works
Less Transportation Cost
Easy Set Up
CLB Containerised Asphalt Plant | Environmental Asphalt Mix Plant

Features of CLB Containerised Asphalt Mixing Plant
1.This equipment adopts an integrated overall design. The whole is a container-type structure, which is extremely convenient for transportation and installation. The overall structure is compact and the floor space is small.
2.This equipment adopts system process environmental protection optimization design.Equipped with advanced environmental protection devices from the cold collecting hopper to the finished product discharge tank.Ensure that dust and asphalt fume are sucked in and discharged in time and processed centrally.
3.This equipment runs stably and has a high output (≥300T / h). The three components are of reliable quality, and the shaker, mixing tank (400,000 T material for blades), and 2 million T material for drying drum are guaranteed.
4.The overall design of this device is compact and macro. The work system is well-coordinated and arranged with good visual effects.

Sinoroader | Cold Feed
Because of the modular and ready-to-launch design, set up of the cold feed bins can be accomplished with less spent of time and money.Sinoroader cold feed bins are specially designed with step walls and a self-relieving bottom to realize smooth material flow.
Sinoroader | Dryer Drum

It Adopts four sets of famous powerful direct-connected gear motors to drive the drying drum. Well calculated and carefully heat treated drying drum, world class bearings have long service life and stable performance.

Sinoroader | Asphalt Burner

The Sinoroader burner uses advanced technology to burn sufficiently and cleanly. Sinoroader Burner provides the best performance and efficiency. The performance and delivery will be guaranteed by pre-testing and wiring. It’s available in varieties of fuel firing combinations.

Sinoroader | Hot Elevator
The hot elevator is used for feeding dry aggregate to screens.The housing is fully-enclosed and dust-proof, which can protect the integrity of the dried aggregate. The steel buckets with reinforced edge are set to convey the aggregate.The chain of it is wear-resistant, so it can prolong service life. Meanwhile, the split sprockets can reduce the time and effort spent on maintenance.

Sinoroader | Vibrating Screen
Driven by vibrating motors, the screen unit can sort the aggregate to different hot aggregate bins properly. The vibrating screen of batch asphalt mixing plant is designed as lubrication-free, so it can realize maintenance free. When you need to change screens, the easy grid exchange system can reduce your time and effort greatly.
Sinoroader | Twin Shaft Pugmill
Mixing is completed in a heavy duty mixer with synchronized twin shafts. Material of its  components is specially-alloyed cast iron. This kind of material is highly resistant to abrasion, which can prolong the machine’s service life.The tips and shanks are specially designed to ensure homogeneous mix within a short time.
Sinoroader | Baghouse
The baghouse of our modular batch mix asphalt plant is fitted directly over the dryer to eliminate ductwork and save civil work. The baghouse utilizes two-stage filtration. First, a primary collector separates coarse material from the gas and protects the bags from abrasion. Then the dust-laden gas enters baghouse where the dust can be collected on the heat-resistant meta aramid bags. As a result, coarse particulates are collected in the first-stage separator and then be transferred to be screened and stored in the sand bin. The fine particulates are collected at the baghouse, can be weighed in to the pant or rejected.
Sinoroader | Control System
We adopt fully automatic control system, reliable and convenient to operate. The visual feedback for all mixing processes of the entire batch tower will be displayed on the main batch screen. All plant controls are mounted on a centralized panel inside the control house. All of the plant’s motors and switches are pre-wired and factory-tested. Quick-plug connectors aid in rapid plant setup.  

Model CLB2000 CLB2500 CLB3000
Capacity 180t/h 200t/h 240t/h
Cold silo Quantity* volume 5*10m³ 5*10m³ 5*18m³
diameter 2.2m 2.2m 2.5m
length 9m 9m 9m
fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas
 Drying capacity (temperature rise 140℃)

LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant,Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant,

Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant.

Water content 3% 220t/h 220t/h 300t/h
Water content 5% 180t/h 180t/h 240t/h
Dust Collector Primary Gravity Dust Collector + Baghouse Dust Collector
Mixing Tower screen layers 5 5 5
Screening area 24.2m² 28.1m² 28.1m²
Hot storage bin 5+1 5+1 5+1
Hot storage bin volume 21m³ 40m³ 40m³
Aggregate scale 2000kg 2500kg 3000kg
Powder scale 200kg 300kg 400kg
Asphalt scale 200kg 300kg 400kg
Mixing power 2*37kw 2*45kw 2*45kw
Mixer capacity 2000kg 3000kg 3000kg
Mixing type Double horizontal shaft, double motor, synchronous reduction gear
Bitumen Supply System Heated by heat transfer oil, 35,000 liters or 50,000 liters of horizontal or vertical asphalt tanks, according to customer requirements
Filler Supply System Standard: (recycled powder + extra powder)
Hot Mix Storage Silo Side-mounted, bottom-mounted finished silo
Optional cold regeneration Add recycled material directly to the mixer
Optional thermal regeneration regeneration Double drum
Control System Fully Automatic Computer Control(IPC+PLC+MONITOR+LASER PRINTER+AIR CONDITIONER)
Environmental standards Smoke dust≤20mg/Nm³
Production standards Industry standard / national standard / CE standard, the highest standards of implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How to understand the accuracy value of the measuring system of the mixing station is accurate to 0.1%?

2020-06-16 11:25
A Good day,for example, the setting value in the cement formula is 100kg, and your control system must be controlled between 99.9-100.1kg when loading, so that it meets the requirements.

Q Do you provide overseas erection and training service?

2020-02-18 12:03
A Yes, we can send experienced engineers to your country, guide erection and commissioning and train your workers how to operate the plant.

Q What kind of dust collection system is used in the asphalt mixing plant?

2020-01-17 09:27
A We have two configurations of water dust collection and baghouse dust collection.

Q Is the equipment control system fully intelligent?

2019-11-29 16:59
A The control system has two types of touch screen and computer operation, all of which are intelligently activated by one button.

Q What kind of dust collection system is used in the asphalt mixing plant?

2019-11-26 17:30
A We have two configurations of water dust collection and baghouse dust collection.

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