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How to solve the damage of parts in asphalt mixing equipment?
March 2, 2023
Asphalt mixing plant is the equipment for batch production of asphalt concrete. Due to the influence of various factors in the production and processing process, some problems will inevitably appear after a period of use. This article will introduce remedial methods for damaged parts in asphalt mixing plants.

Asphalt mixing plants encounter different problems and deal with them in different ways. For example, one of the common problems with asphalt mixing plants is fatigue damage to parts. At this time, the method that needs to be done is to improve from the production of parts.

OGGI asphalt plant_结果

The asphalt mixing plant equipment can be improved by improving the surface finish of the parts, and can also reduce the stress concentration of the parts through relatively mild cross-section filtration. Carbon infiltration and quenching can also be used to improve the performance of the asphalt mixing plant. These methods can reduce parts. Fatigue damage.
In addition to fatigue damage to parts, asphalt mixing equipment can also damage parts due to friction. At this time, wear-resistant materials should be selected as much as possible, and the possibility of friction when designing the shape of asphalt mixing equipment parts should be minimized. If the equipment is damaged by corrosion, coating the surface of the metal parts with corrosion-resistant materials such as chromium and zinc can prevent the parts from corroding.
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