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What are the common failure problems of asphalt mixing equipment?
The application of asphalt mixing equipment requires maintaining the stability of equipment operation, and the failure of mixing equipment not only affects the efficiency of mixing equipment, but also may lead to the decline of asphalt mixing quality. In practical engineering, the common failure problems of asphalt mixing equipment are as follows:

1. The mixing pot tripped. During asphalt production, when the mixing pot tripped, the aggregates and powders that had been weighed were not removed in time, and the production started directly. The asphalt originally planned to be produced into two pots was mixed into one pot, which is likely to lead to re-production.


2. Poor feeding. When the asphalt is mixed, the equipment is sealed by the mineral powder. If the material level of the aggregate is at a low level at this time, and the powder tank is not broken, the phenomenon of overflowing may occur, resulting in waste of asphalt production.
3. The cold material feeding device is faulty. Because the bottom of the speed change belt of the asphalt equipment is stuck by the gravel, the belt slips and deviates, and if the tightness of the belt is not adjusted in time, the belt may be stuck, resulting in the failure of the belt motor control inverter.
4. The burner ignites abnormally. The intermediate ceasefire of the asphalt mixing equipment may be due to gas pressure, abnormal high-voltage coil, insufficient fuel pressure, damage to the solenoid valve, etc. Especially in the process of mineral heating, the intermediate ceasefire failure will cause uneven heating of the asphalt material.
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