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Asphalt Storage Heating Tank
Bitumen Storage Tank
Customized Container Size
Heat Transfer Oil And Asphalt Transfer Heat
Dimension Diameter:2.2M
Asphalt Storage Heating Tank

The heat transfer oil asphalt tank uses organic heat-carrying agent (heat transfer oil) as heat transfer medium, a coal-fired, gas-fired or oil-fired furnace as heat source, and utilizes forced circulation in the heat transfer oil pump to heat the asphalt to the service temperature.

The heat transfer oil tank is low-pressure, high-temperature, safe and sanitary. It adopts the patented technology of“device partially removing the asphaltand can quickly remove the high-temperature asphalt from large-scale asphalt tanks without heating the asphalt tank as a whole.


Product Model BT
Capacity (m³) Customized according to customer requirements and container size
Boundary Dimension Diameter (m) Diameter 2.2m
Heating Method Heat transfer oil and asphalt  transfer heat
Flow of the Matching Asphalt Pump m³/h Customized
Thermal Insulation Property 10℃/24h

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