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What are the characteristics of a continuous asphalt mixing plant?
The characteristic of the continuous asphalt mixing plant is that the asphalt covering process of the aggregate is completed in the drum.

The rollers are also mounted on a slight slope. But the burner is placed at the higher end where the aggregate enters the drum. The process of dehumidification and heating as well as the addition and mixing of hot bitumen and mineral fines (sometimes with additives or fibers) are done in the drum. The finished asphalt mixture is transferred from the drum into storage tanks or transport vehicles.


The drum is a component used in both asphalt mixing plants, but it is used in different ways.
A lifting plate is installed in the drum. When the drum is rolling, the lifting plate lifts the aggregate and then lets it fall through the hot air flow.
In batch equipment, the lifting plate of the drum is simple and clear; but the design and use of continuous equipment is more complicated.
Of course, there is also a combustion zone in the drum, the purpose of which is to prevent the flame of the burner from directly touching the aggregate.
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