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Recycling Of Old Road Materials

There are currently three ways to recycle old pavements: (1) plant mixing, (2) surface in-situ regeneration (3) in-situ base layer regeneration.


1. Plant mix regeneration

The characteristic of plant mixing recycling is to pull the old asphalt pavement back to the asphalt mixing plant. After being crushed and screened by the old material recovery system, it is added to the mixing equipment and mixed with the new aggregate to form a recycled mixture and transported to the construction site to pave the road. .


Plant mix regeneration method: Add directly to the mixer

The characteristic of this method is that the old material after crushing and screening is not heated, and the cold material is directly added to the agitator (pot) and stirred after being measured. The mixing ratio of the old material is generally about 5% to 15%.

Plant mix regeneration method: Parallel thermal collection bin

The feature of this method is to add a thermal aggregate bin. After the crushed and screened old material is heated by a special heating drum, it is stored in the thermal aggregate bin with a hoist, and after normal weighing, it is added to the mixer for mixing. The proportion of used materials is generally below 30%. If the recycled mixture is not used on the pavement, the proportion of the old material can be higher, even reaching 100%.


2. On-site surface regeneration machinery

The characteristic of in-situ recycling is the on-site recycling and processing of old roads. There are many ways to heat the models. Generally, the matching machinery includes thermal regenerators, road heating machines, pavers, road rollers, etc. The regenerators generally have devices for heating, turning loose, adding regenerant, remixing, and leveling.


3. On-site grassroots recycling machinery

The supporting machinery of cold recycling method includes cold recycling machine, water tanker, asphalt tanker, cement mixing truck, grader, road roller, etc. The cold regenerator shall have a loosening and mixing device, an emulsified asphalt spraying device, and a foamed asphalt spraying device.

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