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Asphalt pavement and steel bridge deck paving

"Industrialization of scientific research achievements such as drainage asphalt pavement and steel bridge deck paving" won the third prize of Beijing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.


Recently, the 4th "China Chuangyi" Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition Beijing Trial and the 3rd "Entrepreneurship Beijing" Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition ended successfully. Henan Sinoroader Heavy Industry Corporation's scientific research achievements industrialization projects such as drainage asphalt pavement and steel bridge deck paving stood out from the 915 projects registered in the city and won the third prize in the innovation group.

According to public information, the results of the project were developed by Cao Dongwei's team from the Institute of Highway Science of the Ministry of Transport, including 9 patents, 13 proprietary technologies, 7 formulas, 3 product drawings and 2 technical reports. The estimated price is 48.89 million. Yuan Renminbi, 60% of the shares formed by the valuation of shares will be allocated to the accomplishers. Based on this technology, through public listing transactions and social capital investment, Zhonglu Construction (Beijing) Engineering Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was formed. Team member Fan Yongjun became the chairman of the board. Explore new ways for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of the whole institute, and be the first to go. Previously, this project was shortlisted for the Beijing Municipal Trial with the first place in the Beijing Economic Development Zone Trial.

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