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How to choose asphalt mixing equipment?

With the rapid development of economy and infrastructure, the construction of highways has also developed accordingly. The mechanized construction has accelerated the speed of road construction and the engineering quality has also been improved. At the same time, it also brings some problems, that is, improper management or poor management of construction machinery will have a negative impact on enterprises and projects. Asphalt mixing equipment is the "leading" equipment in asphalt pavement construction machinery. Whether the operation and management is proper will restrict the progress and cost of the project construction.

Asphalt mixing equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment that mixes a certain gradation of aggregate and asphalt according to a specified ratio at a given temperature to form a mixture. Asphalt mixing equipment can be divided into two types: intermittent forced and continuous drum. The main discussion here is the intermittent forced asphalt mixing equipment.
The selection of asphalt mixing equipment should determine the production capacity requirements of the mixing equipment according to the project volume, project progress and other requirements, and select the appropriate model based on this. The selection of asphalt mixing equipment is mainly based on the following aspects: It is required to be able to produce various asphalt mixtures or to meet the production needs of special asphalt mixtures after upgrading. Some upgrade control points should also be reserved, including thermal regeneration. , Vertical agitator, fiber drop port, etc .; the accuracy and stability of the metering system of the mixing equipment is required, and a convenient weighing calibration method is required; the control system is advanced, and there are reserved extension points; Requires energy conservation and environmental protection, with sufficient safety levels.
Site selection of equipment
The large-scale asphalt mixing plant has a large floor area and many types of equipment. The storage of stones must have a certain amount of storage. Therefore, when selecting a site, it should be located near the midpoint of the bidding section, and there must be a sufficient area to house the equipment. At the same time, the convenience of water and electricity sources should be considered. When installing the foundation of prefabricated equipment, it is also necessary to understand the geological conditions of the site, and to design the placement of the equipment according to the geological conditions, to avoid the deformation of the equipment caused by the ground settlement. In addition, try to avoid areas with dense population or residential areas, and stay away from water sources used for living and crop irrigation.
The site environment of the mixing station should be dry, and the ground should be hardened to facilitate drainage, so as to avoid inadvertently increasing the moisture content of the raw materials and increasing production costs. Therefore, when arranging the direction of the mixing building, you should choose a high terrain, smooth drainage, and design a transportation route that facilitates the entry and exit of various raw materials and finished materials to the mixing station.

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