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What is CSS-1 Asphalt?

There are different types of emulsified asphalt, which are mainly divided into these types: CRS-1, CRS-2, CMS-2H, CSS-1, CSS-1H


Emulsified bitumen is a homogeneous mixed liquid formed by fine asphalt particles suspended in water by electrochemical reflection. High-quality, high-stability emulsified asphalt is processed from high-quality matrix and matching emulsifiers and additives through high-precision colloid mill equipment. In recent decades, due to the superior technical characteristics of emulsified asphalt, its worldwide use has grown rapidly. Emulsified asphalt is safe, non-toxic, saves energy and does not cause environmental pollution. In addition to the lower seal layer, adhesive layer, fog seal layer and surface spraying in road construction, emulsified asphalt has a lot of other uses. For example, grout seals, cold-mixed concrete, and other surface spraying processes. The use of emulsified asphalt has become more and more widespread, and its advantages in technology, economy, and use have been fully demonstrated.
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