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Sinoroad 40ton asphalt tank in Saudi Arabia
Sept 03th,2020 Saudi Arabia

On June 20th, 2020, our International Marketing Department received 12sets asphalt tank demand information from customers in Saudi Arabia. Our customer said "Raw asphalt tanks are made of black iron, thickness 6 mm of horizontal, capacity of 40 ton for each tank , equipped with bases at the bottom of the tank, with the installation of heating pipes 10 – 9 inch, two lines. 4 inch from the side to pull the asphalt and install a temperature clock........”.


Anna, our professional sales manager, confirmed the specific requirements, construction period, transportation, payment, etc. with the customer. After 3 weeks of communication, the client expressed satisfaction with our professionalism and services. And said that “the advance payment should be arranged within a week”.

After 5days,our finance department received the customer's advance payment, and communicated with Anna manager and purchasing department about purchasing raw materials and production matters.

After about 15 days of workshop production, these guys were born. Our workshop engineers, workshop directors, technicians, electricians, etc. carried out rigorous debugging on these 12 asphalt tanks, and truly solved all minor problems in operation for our customers.


Our Vision: To be the supplier of turn-key solutions for road construction machinery applications !

Now, 12 sets asphalt tanks are already on the way to Saudi Arabia.

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