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Modular Asphalt Batching Plant in Russia

On November 4th, Sinoroader modular asphalt batching plant-MB1500 has launched in Russia. After a series of installation and debugging work, MB1500 has successfully began to work on the land of Rostov. Congratulation we have a delightful cooperation with our client, who’s willing to give us the greatest trust. As return, we’ve also tried our best to provide client with the highest quality of product and service. Sinoroader team is really glad to hear that our client in Russia is quite satisfied with this asphalt batching plant.


Features of Modular Asphalt Batching Plant:

1. MB series asphalt plant is the product combined with various advantages of western modelsadopts modular designcompact structure simple assembly and transport.

2. Components adopt international famous brand, keep pace with the international advanced technology , and can guarantee high reliability and security of the equipment in long operating terms.

3. The strict trial assembly test machine of each set of equipment before delivery can guarantee stable quality and high standard of the product.

4. Adopts human-computer interface and PLC control system, perfect human-machine exchange function, easy to operate.

5. Reasonable and multiple layout modes, the layout can be ordered according to different requirement to adapt the actual construction requirement better.

6. Low consumption, high efficiency, environment friendly design is the ideal choice of different kinds of road.

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