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Precautions for Cleaning Asphalt Heating Tanks
Asphalt heating tanks are vertical and horizontal. Common is a horizontal cylindrical tank, which is installed in a snake-shaped round tube, heating, heat preservation and other functions. So, what should you pay attention to when cleaning the asphalt heating tank? Let's take a look!
The heat-conducting medium is heated through the snake-shaped circulation pipe, hot asphalt to warm the tank wall; the insulation layer and the skin are composed of asbestos or other low-thermal-conductivity leather materials, usually stainless steel or electroplated metal sheets. According to whether the agitator is set in the tank, it can be divided into two types: ordinary tank and agitator. Ordinary asphalt storage tank is composed of temperature sensor, liquid level gauge, snake-shaped circulation pipe and so on. The ordinary tank has a simple structure and low cost, but due to the lack of a forced mixing device, the heating efficiency is low.
During the operation of the asphalt heating tank, please pay attention to observe the water level and adjust the valve to keep the water level in an appropriate position. For example, if the asphalt contains moisture, when the temperature is 100 degrees, open the top of the tank into the hole and start the internal circulation dehydration. After dehydration, please follow the instructions of the thermometer to discharge the high temperature asphalt in time. If the temperature is too high, no display is required, please quickly start the internal cycle to cool down.
When the asphalt heating tank is lower than the thermometer, please close the suction valve before stopping the asphalt pump to prevent the asphalt in the heater from flowing back. The next day, start the motor and then open the three-way valve. In order to save fuel and safe operation of equipment, please add less coal, add coal often, and remove ash at any time.
After the asphalt heating tank is applied for a period of time, a lot of dirt will be generated around the equipment. If it is not cleaned for a long time, a thick layer will form and it is more difficult to clean.

Asphalt heating tank is mainly used in road construction, and it will produce more dirt during application. At this time, we can use diesel oil for cleaning. For a certain thickness of dirt, it can be cleaned by physical methods first, and then cleaned with diesel oil. The ventilation system is initiated when the cavern is pumping the base oil to ensure ventilation in the workplace. The eradication of dirt on the bottom of the asphalt heating tank is extremely prone to incidents, and it is necessary to do a good job of protection.\


Also check the technical situation of ventilation equipment, initiate fan ventilation. The asphalt heating tank and semi-underground of the cavern should be continuously ventilated. It is necessary to seal the upper opening of the asphalt heating tank during intermittent ventilation. The inspector's protective clothing and respirator meet the safety requirements; check whether the use of equipment and equipment meet the explosion-proof requirements, and enter the asphalt heating tank to remove the dirt after passing the qualification.
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