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RAP Crushing & Screening Plant
Floating Double-roller Crushing
Staggered Wear-resistant Tooth Plates
High-frequency Vibrating Mesh Screen
Mobile Finished Belt Conveyor
High Efficiency
RAP Crushing & Screening Plant
Sinoroader | RAP Breaking and Screening System

The crushing and screening system is a mechanical equipment which screens the RAP materials recovered or milled by mechanical excavation according to the specifications. Then the materials which didn’t pass the standard will be sent to the second stage crusher for crushing and then screening.


1. Floating double-roller crushing, effectively preventing large-scale RAP materials from causing instantaneous equipment failure;

2. Staggered wear-resistant tooth plates effectively break up RAP materials without sticking;

3. High-frequency vibrating mesh screen combined with anti-blocking mesh screen technology to effectively solve the fine aggregate adhering mesh screen;

4. Mobile finished belt conveyor to facilitate the stacking of finished materials.

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Sinoroader | RAP Crushing & Screening Plant Working Process

1. For the oversized RAP material obtained by mechanical digging, it is crushed by a first-stage roller crusher, and then sieved into a vibrating screen. The sieved materials are divided into two or more kinds of stacked, 

super-standard RAP materials. After being crushed by a secondary roller crusher, it is sent to a vibrating sieve through a belt conveyor for screening, and is reciprocated until it is broken into qualified RAP materials.

2. For the milled RAP material, it can be directly loaded from the cold silo, into the vibrating screen for screening, and the sorted materials are sorted and stacked. The oversized RAP material is crushed by a roller 

crusher, sent to a vibrating screen through a belt, and reciprocated until it is broken into qualified RAP materials.

Sinoroader | RAP Crushing & Screening Plant Advantages

1.All-electric control, simple control principle, easy to operate and low cost;

2.The screening unit adopts a vibrating screen suitable for the characteristics of RAP, and selects a blocking screen with square holes to reduce the phenomenon that asphalt milling planer is easy to stick and block;
3.The breaking unit adopts double-toothed roller crusher, large crushing ratio (5-8), low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, etc.

Device Name Model Power(KW) Quantity
1 Cold Feed GZD3000*950 4.4 1
2 Belt Conveyor B800-23000 11 1
3 First Stage Roller Crusher 2PGC1200*900 90 1
4 Second Stage Roller Crusher 2PGC900*900 74 1
5 Vibrating Screen 2YK1860 18.5 1
6 Belt Conveyor B650-20000 5.5 1
7 Mobile Belt Conveyor B500-15000 9.5 2
8 Steel Frame 1 Batch
9 Structural Parts (Inlet, Discharge Hopper, Distributor, Chute, etc.) 1 Batch

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