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Continuous Mix Asphalt Plant (New)


Modular Design
Compact Structure
Portable Chassis
Civil Work Saving
Energy Consumption Saving
Continuous Mix Asphalt Plant (New)

MR Hot Mix Asphalt Plant is continuous asphalt mixing plant. It's designed for portability, durability and reliability. MR hot mix asphalt plant is a cost-effective product which has characteristics of modular design, compact structure, fast set up, easy relocation, less power consumption and high fuel energy efficiency. Batch Mix Asphalt Plant,Asphalt Road Construction Machine,LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant,Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant.Asphalt Mix Plant Manufacture,Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant.

Sinoroader | High Precision in Aggregate Dosing

When collecting ingredients, the aggregates of different particle sizes that need to be mixed are respectively loaded into different batching hoppers by using a loader, and belt conveyors are arranged under each batching hopper, and the belt conveyor is driven by a frequency conversion speed regulating motor. The ingredients are mixed according to the mixing ratio of the construction technology; the matched materials are dropped on the horizontal aggregate belt conveyor, which is transported through the filter screen to the inclined belt conveyor.

Sinoroader | Counter-flow Dryer Batch Mix Asphalt Plant,Asphalt Road Construction Machine,LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant,Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant.Asphalt Mix Plant Manufacture,Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant.
The drum counter-flow rotary drying heating method is provided with a spiral rewinding blade and a feeding blade in the cylinder body, and different shapes of reversing blades are installed in different regions, and the drum cylinder body has an inclination angle of about 3.5-4 degrees, and the outer layer has 40cm of thermal insulation rock wool prevents heat loss.
1.Fully dedicated to aggregates drying and heating. It operates in a counterflow system, in which the heat is applied gradually over the aggregates, respecting the physical laws for moisture extraction, ensuring high productivity and low fuel consumption.
2.Designed using advanced computerized simulation systems, it has fins designed to efficiently meet all the steps of the drying and heating stage with maximum efficiency, ensuring complete elimination of moisture, correct temperature and high throughput
3.Asphalt mixing plant automatic control of the dryer spin speed results in the maximum heat exchange between the aggregates and fuel gases

4.Intelligent exhaust system that ensures perfect combustion regardless of the production rate.

Sinoroader | Asphalt Burner

The fuel burner is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer program. Simply press the “Start” button to start the oil pump, auto-ignition, flameout alarm, automatic temperature control and display. The fuel can be automatically adjusted according to the required furnace temperature. . It is also equipped with a manual function to ensure the normal operation of the burner through a manual system when the system fails.

Sinoroader | Twin-shaft Reverse Pugmill Mixer LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant,Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Mix Plant Manufacture,Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant.
The asphalt mixing machine adopts the horizontal double-shaft paddle type spiral stirring method, the stirring blade, the stirring arm and the lining plate are all made of chrome-molybdenum alloy wear-resistant cast iron, and the stirring arm is made of cast steel material. It has strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which greatly prolongs its service life.

Sinoroader | Baghouse

High dust removal efficiency, dust removal up to 99%; flexible use, processing air volume from hundreds of cubic meters per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, can be used as a small unit directly in the room, near the machine tool, can also be made into a large dust removal the room, that is, the bag room; the mechanism is simple, the operation is stable, and the maintenance is convenient.

Sinoroader | Control Room Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant.Asphalt Mix Plant Manufacture,Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant.

All asphalt plant controls are mounted on a centralized panel inside the control house. All of the plant's motors and switches are pre-wired and factory tested. Quick-plug connectors aid in rapid plant setip. The air conditioned control house is trailer-mounted for easy portability. It also includes heating, lights, internal power outlets and a sliding ticket window.

Configuration MR100 MR160 MR200
Production capacity 50~100 t/h 150 t/h 200 t/h
Mobilities 1 2
Axles/Tires mobility 1 3 / 12 (+  1 spare) 2 / 8 (+ 1 spare)
Axles/Tires mobility 2 3 / 12 (+ 1 spare)
Suspension / Brakes - mobility 1 Triple tandem  / ABS Double tandem  / ABS
Suspension / Brakes - mobility 2 Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant.Drum Mix Asphalt Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant,Asphalt Hot Mix Plant. Triple tandem  / ABS
SizeL*W*H 21.30 x 3.20 x 4.30m 21.30 x 3.20 x 4.30m 13.90 x 3.20 x 4.30 / 17.10 x 3.20 x 4.30m 13.90 x 3.20 x 4.30 / 19.00 x 3.20 x 4.30m
Number of Bins 4
Bin volume 2 of 10m³ + 2 of 5 m³ 10 m³
Aggregate weighing Individual dynamic weighing by centralized high precision compression load cells, with an individual capacity of 200kg
Speed sensor Inductive sensor for speed check (pick up)
Wall Vibrator 3 standard vibrators in bin 1. Optional vibrators in bin 2
Technology Counterflow dedicated exclusively to the drying and heating of aggregates
Burner Oil/Heavy Oil or Gas
Technology Twin-shaft reverse  pug mill with arms and straws
Mixing steps Dry mixing and mixing with asphalt cement
Mixing time Configurable
Cleaning With lower deck
Wear elements High abrasion resistance material
Asphalt Injection With sprinkling nozzles
Mix Transport Technology Redler type drag lift
Wear elements High abrasion resistance material
Bin volume 1 m³ 2 m³
Type Maximum level sensor, anti-saturation window, anti-segregation plate, inspection flap
CONTROL SYSTEM Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant,Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant
Operation cabin Metallic with side door, containing control panel, supervisory, buttons for actuation in manual and PLC
Sistema de climatização 7,000 BTU air conditioning with inverter technology
Critical Control Automatic (supervisory) or emergency mode (by supervisor + manual operation buttons)
SAFETY Asphalt Hot Mix Plant.
Feed bins Fixed protections for mobile parts
Emergency button
Dryer Reading of the rotational speed with interlocking
Dryer / burner Emergency button Flame sensor - UV photocell
Pick up dryer monitoring
Mixer Emergency button
Bag Filter

Emergency button

Temperature sensor
Cold Air Damper
Emergency valve
Control cabin Emergency button + internal audible alarm

Operating interface in extra low voltage (24V)
Power Panel Security PLC Monitoring
Command circuits with 2 counters connected in series

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A yes, sure, our sales manager will contact you and send you the details.

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